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Who Benefits?
Program Credentials
and Validation

The Problem

Children, teens, adults, English as a Second Language students, and others can benefit from Project Light's unique programs.


Who Can Benefit from the Project Light

One-To-One Literacy & ESL Solutions?

  • Any child, teenager or adult

  • Anyone desiring to learn English as a Second Language

  • Youth with low reading, language and math skills

  • Learning challenged youth and adults

  • Hearing impaired, Mentally impaired, Emotionally impaired

What Organizations can benefit from the Project Light Literacy & ESL Solutions?

  • Non-Profit Organizations:The Project Light One-To-One Literacy & ESL Solutions are a wonderful tool to test students and teach them how to read. For organizations concerned about the ongoing literacy or ESL problems in their community or around the world, we can help, please contact us.

  • Faith-Based Organizations (Churches & Ministries): The Project Light One-To-One Literacy & ESL Solutions are a wonderful tool to teach students how to read and minister to them. The Project Light Literacy Series also allows your organization to teach literacy and ESL and minister to them.

  • Educators, Private and Public Schools: The Project Light One-To-One Literacy & ESL Solutions are a wonderful tool to test students and teach students that need the help of a one-to-one reading program.

Organizations Benefits!

Project Light's programs offer extensive, academically created and validated educational content.


  • The Zero-To-Five program was designed by the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education and the U.S. Office of Education Bureau of Education for the Handicapped. It was based on extensive research performed at Columbia University

  • Zero-To-Five was validated by the U.S. Department of Education in over 100 field test centers located in twenty-six states.

  • Our GED program was created by BLS Tutorsystems. It includes over 200 hours of targeted instruction to provide rapid advancement to GED competency in reading, mathematics, and grammar.

  • The Literacy for Life Transformation ABC Literacy and ESL Series is consistent with Pre-K through 2nd grade Standards of Learning and Pre-K Phonological Awareness Literacy screening guidelines.

  • Each ABC program teaches approximately 250 words with images, 70 standalone words including the 50 most common words of the English language, and 26 scripture verses about the identity of God.



In the United States and around the world, many people are broken and oppressed by illiteracy and the inability to communicate in English. Nearly 800 million people in the world are completely illiterate, according to the CIA World Factbook. These problems take their toll not only on the poor and disadvantaged directly affected, but on society as a whole. The global problem of illiteracy affects you, regardless of your own level of literacy. Many people in both the United States and around the world want to learn how to speak, read and write English. We work to meet these needs using computers, volunteer tutors, and Project Light One-to-One Literacy software.


Project Light is a non-profit organization devoted to serving the disadvantaged worldwide. We plant Learning Centers in communities where people need to learn to read, partnering with local community and faith-based organizations to fight illiteracy. We train those organizations on how to start Learning Centers and tutor students using Project Light's One-to-One Literacy & ESL Solutions. Over the years we have planted more than 500 Learning Centers in many inner cities across the United States and around the world and provided hundreds of missionaries with our materials to use in outreach! The training and mentorship provided at Project Light Learning Centers and by missionaries have transformed the lives of many.

Project Light is about serving others by providing technology, sharing knowledge, and, most of all, building relationships. It is about ministering to those in need. It is about making the world a better place by shining light into the darkness.


BLS TutorSystems GED Software


The BLS TutorSystems GED software is designed to develop skills from a 4th grade reading entry level to GED competency. This constitutes 8 years of growth in reading, math, and grammar in as little as 134 to 268 hours. This intensive review and remediation of basic skills for adults and older children offers fast results with GED preparation and high school dropout prevention.


The ten courses in the integrated instructional system cover reading, math, and grammar. The branching format of the BLS program provides focused and individualized learning for students regardless of their skill level. This self-paced learning environment assures maximum progress for students.


Each lesson automatically adapts to the student’s progression and comprehension through local branching sequences. Immediate feedback is provided to the student for each answer, regardless of the quality of the answer. Correct answers propel the student forward through the lessons, while incorrect answers lead the student to supplemental information and an explanation of the error. A short test at the conclusion of each lessons ensure the student’s mastery of the material before allowing the student to proceed to the next lesson.

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