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Project Light's Partners

For over thirty-give years, hundreds of faith and community-based organizations, missionaires, educators, homeshool parents and individuals have partnered with Project Light to establish Learning Centers and have been successfully using Project Light's programs. These critical partnerships have enabled our interactive software and curriculum to be used daily to reach thousands around the world. We are pleased to welcome new partners to help us "shed light, the emblem of knowledge, into the darkness".

Over the years, hundreds of partners have used our programs to help others. Our current partners include:

Curriculum Content Partners

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • BLS, Inc. Tutorsystems: BLS has been a very generous partner to Project Light by allowing us to be a distributor of their GED software.

Corporate Supporters

Over the years, several companies have supported Project Light via in-kind donations, matches of employee donations, and foundation gifts.

If your company would like to help with in-kind donations of computers or other valuable services, please read our page on In-Kind Donations.

Many companies will match employee donations dollar for dollar. If Project Light is added to your company's list of approved non-profit organizations, you can select Project Light as the designate for charitable giving and to receive corporate matching donations.

If your company has a corporate foundation, you can suggest Project Light for corporate funding, or connect Project Light staff with the appropriate people within the foundation department. We are always looking to expand and diversify our funding base, and we would welcome introductions to any corporate foundation that is interested in supporting literacy, ESL and GED projects around the world. Please contact us via email.

Faith-Based and Community-Based Partners

Endorsements and Supporters

Over the years we have received endorsements and/or support from the following organizations and would like to thank them:


Faith-Based Organizations

  • Children's Network

  • Christian Broadcasting Network

  • Columbia International University

  • Dayspring

  • Goodwill

  • Pioneers

  • Restoration Ministries

  • Southern Baptist Home Mission Board

  • Summer Institute of Linguists

  • Southern Baptist Mission Board

  • The Salvation Army

  • Volunteers of America

  • World Vision

  • World Evangelical Crusade

  • YWAM


  • Presbyterian Churches

  • Methodists Churches

  • Episcopalians Churches

  • Mennonite Churches

  • Baptist Churches

  • Non-denominational Churches

Government Agencies and Universities

  • Columbia International University

  • Former President George Bush's Points of Light Program

  • Gallaudette University

  • Housing Authorities of Newport News and Norfolk

  • The Pennsylvania Dept. of Education

  • Social Service Agencies of Newport News, Norfolk and Portsmouth

  • The U.S. Dept. of Education

  • The Virginia Dept. of Education

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