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Project Light's Impact

Over the past 25 years, Project Light has impacted thousands of lives. Our one-to-one literacy software has been used by tutors in over 500 learning centers worldwide.

Project Light learning centers have been launched in 35 different countries. Every year, we help to start dozens of new learning centers across the U.S. and around the world, training dozens of learning center directors and hundreds of tutors. Our unique software is available in both desktop and internet-based versions.


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Project Light Learning Centers

Community learning centers are at the heart of Project Light's ministry. These centers, with anywhere from a few to a few dozen computer stations, tutors, and students, are where students' lives are changed as they learn to read, learn English as a second language, or prepare for their GED.  Along the way they build meaningful friendships with their tutors and learn about God's love for them. Project Light has helped to establish over 500 learning centers worldwide in the past 20 years.


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