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Learn about Project Light's one-to-one literacy software, designed to make tutors successful with minimal training.


This The A-Z Who God Says I Am Software is an introduction to beginning vocabulary and the alphabet for pre-readers. The program focuses on phonemic awareness, which means focusing on the individual letter sounds.


The A-Z  Who God Is Software is an introduction to beginning vocabulary and the alphabet for pre-readers. The program focuses on phonemic awareness, which means focusing on the individual letter sounds.

Zero to Five


The ZERO to FIVE  consists of visual materials that progressively introduce the student to vocabulary, language principles, concepts, and basic sentence structure. It is a basic skills program designed to assist the pre-reading student in acquiring the specific visual and perceptual competencies needed to experience success in reading.

The way the program is designed, the student must interact with the visual language material and respond to each frame in a programmed format. The sequential nature of the program ensures that each step is the logical progression of all that has gone before. Each of the five levels includes diagnostic placement tests and post-tests for mastery evaluation. Motivation has been built within the program by colorful and meaningful visuals, a high probability of successful performance, and a unique manner of response using the computer.

Reading Readiness

“The Zero To Five Reading Readiness Series consists of Perceptual Training and Thinking lessons which address visual perceptual skills and critical thinking and comprehension skills. The program tests for areas of weaknesses and then introduces the student to visual and comprehension skills needed for reading.”

Perceptual Training / Visual Skills

  • This 30 lesson series tests, introduces, extends and reinforces specific visual perception skills needed to read and includes a diagnostic placement test. Skill areas covered include discrimination and picture association, geometric forms, colors, letters, work configurations, substitutions, deletions, shapes, sizes, special orientation, and figure ground.


Perceptual Thinking / Comprehension Skills

  • This 50 lesson series takes the student through tasks requiring thought and comprehension. The following tasks are emphasized: object memory, color/design/digit memory, sequencing according to size, pattern analysis, classification, analogies, maze tracing, predicting outcome, and concept formation.

ESL Software - English as a Second Language Solutions ™

This is a combination of the Project Light Zero To Five and Literacy for Life Transformation programs which contain English as a Second Language lessons for non-English speaking people.


GED Software

Project Light discovered that many students at the Learning Centers were seeking help to obtain their General Education Diploma ("GED"). Project Light partnered with BLS TutorSystems, Inc. and is an authorized distributor of their GED Software for those with GED needs. The 134 lessons deliver over 200 hours of targeted instruction in reading, mathematics and grammar.

Learning Centers

A Learning Center consists of multimedia computers using the Project Light One-to-One Literacy and ESL Solutions software design to take a person from Pre-Reading through GED preparation. Project Light teaches how to create and then implement a Learning Center. The tutor/instructor serves as a mentor to the student and takes a genuine interest in his or her life. Being a mentor includes caring for the needs of the student in attaining literacy and a GED. We provide tutor training, sample record-keeping forms, consulting, technical assistance and all the necessary guides and manuals.

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