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Each letter of the alphabet has about ten lessons, or slides. First, the letter and its sound (phoneme) are introduced. Then, the student is taught a few vocabulary words that begin with that letter. These words are accompanied by corresponding images that students can click to hear the word read aloud. This progresses into interactive slides where the student focuses on beginning letter sounds, rhyming words, typing, and upper and lower case. At the end, the student un-shuffles a Bible verse which includes a key word for the lesson’s letter. Some of the letters also contain an ESL (English as a Second Language) activity, which focuses on minimal pairs.


In total, the student learns approximately 250 words with images, 70 standalone words including the 50 most common words of the English language, and 26 scripture verses about the identity of God.



The A-Z Who God Says I Am Software is an introduction to beginning vocabulary and the alphabet for pre-readers. The program focuses on phonemic awareness, which means focusing on the individual letter sounds. The goal of the software is to build a practical foundation for literacy and a scriptural foundation for identity in Christ.


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Project Light presents a video on its ABC song with sing along scripture lyrics to the software A-Z Who God Says I Am which is part of our Literacy for Life Transformation Series. Please check out this innovative video song you will be blessed!



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