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Who God Says I Am Brochure, Software, Student Workbook and Song


Student Workbook

Video / Song

Abc SongPortia Byrant
00:00 / 03:03

Who God Is Brochure, Software and Student Workbook


Student Workbook

Encouraging Video / Song


Who God Says I Am ABC SDenise Lindsey
00:00 / 04:10

Download & INSTALLATION Instructions for:

Instructions for Download of brochure, student workbook and song: 

1) Double click on: brochure, studentworkbook or song (One at a time)

2) Click on Open

3) Click on File and then Click on Extract

4) Select a file destination

5) Then Click on Extract

6) Then item will appear on Desktop

Instructions for Download and Installation of the software NEW:

1) Download the software

A - Who God 

B - Who God Says I

2) Extract the downloaded file on your desktop:

A - Double click on the application software name ( ex "Who God Is")

B - Click on Open

C - Click on File and then Click on Extract

D - Select a file destination (Desktop)

E - Then Click on Extract

F - Then software folder will appear on Desktop

3) Download Flash Player (SWF Player) - Ruffle 

A - Go to

B - Download the software for your Operation System (Windows / MAC / Linux)

C - Install the application by double clicking on the Ruffle installer

D - Once installed open the Ruffle Application

E - Choose the Application you want to open:

- Who God is

- Who God Says I AM

F - Start using the app​

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