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In order to help learning centers to be successful, Project Light offers comprehensive training on how to set up and run a learning center and train your own tutors. Our goal is that at the completion of the training, you will have the personnel trained to begin setting up your own Project Light Learning Center. We encourage you to send three participants. Preferably, these will include at least one Director and one English-speaking tutor trainer. At least one of these 3 persons needs to speak Spanish and English if the primary target audience is Hispanic. These persons will be equipped to train other tutors and organize the Learning Center, as well as to become tutors themselves. None of the persons involved with a Project Light Learning Center need previous teacher training or experience, but it can be helpful. Previous experiences with computers i.e. basic computer skills are highly recommended for the training participants.


Please contact us for our current training schedule. At the completion of the training, each Learning Center will receive the software and manuals purchased to teach Project Light English and set up your Learning Center (the number of sets of software depends on the training package which you select). One of the most important aspects of teaching Project Light English is the building of relationships between the people involved, both tutor and student. Project Light English can be one of the most powerful ministries providing tools for bridging the gap between different cultures and building lasting friendships. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you plan to participate in one of the training events and how many participants you would like to send. Please email us for more information.

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