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Teachable Moments & Actions Of Faith On A Mission Trip To Haiti


Barbara & Jim Gray recently returned from a vision tip (August 15-23, 2007) for Project Light and initial training. This trip came as a result of (1) a SIFAT student from Haiti receiving some very limited training last year in the use of Project Light Software (an ESL program), (2) A friendship that developed between a friend of ours and the young pastor from Haiti, and (3) Our friend introducing him to a pastor in Roanoke, Alabama.


On August 16th, six team members made the final leg of the flight to Les Cayes, Haiti and then went directly to an unfinished rented building to begin a Project Light software training program for ESL for the students, pastors, and others that pastor Joas had lined up for the training. It was a blessing to see so many people eager to learn how to use this ESL (English As A Second Language) computer program, even though only about half of them could speak some English. Despite having to use 10 computers and at one point losing electricity and most all the instruction having to be translated from English to Creole, many teachable moments and actions of faith occurred. During the 1 1/2 days of training, there was a lot of sharing & interaction between students & team members.

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