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Project Light’s proven software and training programs combined with a one-tutor to one-student proven methodology have resulted in life transformation for thousands of students who have been tutored in Project Light-established Learning Centers or by individuals using the Project Light programs. Project Light's interactive Zero To Five literacy and TutorSystem’sGED programs allow anyone to successfully tutor a student one-to-one, with minimal training. We also offer Biblically-based interactive programs – the Literacy for Life Transformation A-Z Series I and II software. The Biblically-based software can also be used by churches, ministries and missionaries for evangelistic outreach or by parents, homeschoolers or individuals.



Project Light's programs have been successfully used by faith-based and community-based organizations, parents, missionaries, educators and homeschoolers . Our partner Learning Centers and software programs have served children, teens, adults, ESL students, those with reading and learning challenges, the hearing impaired, emotionally challenged, developmentally delayed, brain injured, and children diagnosed with autism, ADD and ADHD.


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