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Reading Readiness Installation Instructions for free download

This software only works on Windows based computers.(Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10  

For Windows 10 you will have to right click the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator")


Download the Reading Readiness software from the Project Light website.  Double click on the downloaded file, this will install the Reading Readiness software. After the software has been installed, there will be two new icons on your screen, Administrator and Zero To Five

Getting started


  1. The first step is to add a tutor.

  2. You do this by clicking on the Administrator Icon on your desktop.

  3. It will ask you for a password, which is light.

  4. Click on the tab called Tutor Setup, and then on the button called Add New.

  5. Then you put in the tutor’s First Name and Last Name, and it asks for a password – which we generally just use light again.


You may set up a different password if you choose. Just do not misplace it or you will not be able to access the system under that tutor. You have to re-enter the password. You can leave everything else on the Add New Tutor window the same. The passing score defaults to 80%, but you can change this if you choose. This means that if the student scores less than 80%, they must repeat that lesson to proceed. The software tracks the lessons the student missed and then it repeats them. 


Adding a student


Now you are ready to add a student, and you do this through the Icon on your desktop that says Project Light. The first window that opens asks you to select the tutor that will be working with the student.


  1. Click on the tutor that this student will be assigned to, and put in the password.

  2. A window will open where you can click on the top line to “add a new student”.

  3. When returning, you just select the student the tutor will be working with.

  4. When entering a new student, the fields are for First Name, Last Name and their address.

  5. Click “Ok”, and the student’s name should appear in the window with that line highlighted.

  6. Click “Ok” again. This now takes you to the main Project Light Menu screen. In the lower part of the screen, it will show who the current tutor and student are. 

After adding a student

At this point, you will be selecting the starting point for the new student you just added.

  • To start the program click in the upper middle button “Reading Readiness”. This section includes the Perceptual Training and Perceptual Thinking Modules. This will pull up the Lesson Plan for Reading Readiness. The lessons are arranged in Units (which are currently in green), followed by varying numbers of lessons in that unit.


  1. There are several icons in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. One is to Return (Exit), the Legend for the different colors that the lessons will be highlighted

  3. Blue - are lessons that are assigned to that student,

  4. Green - are lessons that have been completed successfully (not related to the green color on the Unit Names in the left column,

  5. Yellow - is the next lesson scheduled to be worked,

  6. White - lessons are future lessons not assigned yet, and

  7. Gray - lessons are ones that a student skips (based upon how the student does in the evaluations or post-tests.


Please let us know if you have questions.

You can reach Project Light through our primary email address: or through our website at:


Thank you for using our Project Light Programs we hope they bless you!

Other directions


  • In the lower right section of the Screen is a button called “Work Next Lesson”.

  • The lesson highlighted in yellow will be the next lesson to open when this button is clicked. 

  • Each time you return, the tutor logs in and selects the student and it remember where the student left off and the next lesson scheduled for that student to work (highlighted in yellow)


Other tips


  • There are a few other tips to share with you about the Project Light software operation:

  • If you are on a lesson screen, there are some arrows in the center at the top.

  • These allow you to return to a previously answered screen should the student want to review it.

  • The forward arrow will be “grayed out” if the student has not answered that question yet. Skipping screens is not allowed in the program.

  • Also in the top right corner of the screen is a box that gets closer to filling the box as you progress in that particular lesson.

  • This will give you an idea of how many more screens you have to go in the current lesson. If the student quits a lesson early (exit icon in top left of the screen), the scores will not be recorded for that lesson. 

  • If the tutor wants to preview any of the lessons, they can put the cursor over that lesson on the Lesson Plan screen and right click it (sometimes right clicking twice is needed).

  • The first option tells about that lesson including the purpose and behavioral objectives.

  • The second right click menu option is to Preview the Questions. This option will include the programmed answer.

  • The third option is Review Question, and you have to select the answer yourself. Both of these last two options require the tutor to enter their password and the scores are not recorded for that student.

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